Mr. Rand

A great animated Paul Rand tribute created by Imaginary Forces.

“…design is the synthesis of form and content”.


Christmas Book Drop

As those close to me know, I am a bit of a book connoisseur. Actually, “chronic book buyer” may be the best way to put it. Anyways, I buy books and music like groceries and this year I’ve been blessed with some amazing and generous gifts from friends and loved ones. Now if I can just find the time to read …

We’re back in the saddle here on Wednesday. 2008 is already looking bright with some fun projects on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays from IC

Sorry, we are too busy to create anything cool and original for Christmas. We suck. Happy Holidays!

By My Friend

Our cover for Hawk Nelson’s upcoming album “Hawk Nelson Is My Friend”.

When Angels & Serpents Dance

Our cover for P.O.D.’s upcoming album “When Angels & Serpents Dance”, arriving early ’08.

Three Times In A Row?

Well, as you can imagine … I’m still in shock, but today we were nominated for our 3rd Grammy in a row. My brother was nominated in ’06 (Norma Jean “O’ God The Aftermath”) and ’07 (Fair “The Best Worst-Case Scenario”) … and I guess ’08 is my turn (The Fold “Secrets Keep You Sick”). This has been an absolutely amazing year for us and this is the perfect cap to it. Time to party …

Hope Is Fireproof

We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute and donate a poster to the So-Cal Fire Poster Project, a relief project to raise funds for victims of the Southern California wildfires. Posters by many of today’s greatest artists and designers will soon be available for purchase here.

The North Pole Project

Here is the album cover we created for Number One Gun’s new album “The North Pole Project.”

The Out_Circuit

“Pierce The Empire With A Sound” is available now through Lujo Records to purchase online. Check out their Virb page here. Do yourself a favor and pick it up … serious.


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA.


  • Adam Sandler + Co.

    February 9th / The Paramount

  • NASA

    10 x 14 Print Set

  • NASA


  • NASA

    The Grand Tour


  • NASA

    Visions Of The Future

  • Odd Galaxy

    Space Blocks

  • The Biggest Story

    Childrens Book

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