This Is My Heart

Our cover for Since October’s T&N debut ‘This Is My Heart’.

Sesame Street – In Hell

Headbangers Blog

Ryan and I will be guest blogging over at MTV2’s Headbangers Blog over the next few weeks. Check it out!


Bon Voyage is Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) and wife Julie. Together they create beautiful, sleepy dream-rock. The artwork surrounding BV has always been quite beautiful, and we hope to continue the trend with this, their 3rd record, “Lies.”


The title for Capital Lights’ debut album immediately brought to mind visions of cartoony mayhem. We decided to focus solely on the type and just bring the words to life. Truly outrageous!

I Swear…

Here is the new cover we just finished for Inhale/Exhale. We’ve created a custom ‘code’ typeface for this record that will be used throughout the pages of the packaging. The concept pulls from the theme of broken promises and the confusion, disbelief and anger that shortly follows.

We promise to update the ‘Selected Work’ portion of our site … so much new stuff to add.

The Snuggler


We are absolutely honored to have a rather large handful of our logos featured in the new book Band ID. Not only is our work featured alongside some of the greatest band logos and designers in music history, we also have an entire gatefold section including an interview with yours truly. Much love and appreciation to Bodhi Oser for a) deciding to create this book and b) asking us to be part of it. It truly is a stunning collection and a must have for any music fanatic.

BAND ID -From the Rolling Stones’ tongue-and-lips trademark to the Grateful Dead’s lightning bolt skull to Prince’s glyph, logos embody an identity and experience shared between musicians and their fans, who proudly display these graphics on T-shirts, posters, pins, stickers—even tattoos. Collecting more than 1,000 rock, hip hop, metal, pop, reggae, and country music logos from the 1960s to today, this catchy design survey captures the coolest and most powerful examples of music made visual. Including interviews with key logo artists and presenting the graphics large and over extended gatefolds, BAND ID will wow music fans and designers alike.

A Tale Of Two

Showbread is releasing two high-concept records at once. The accompanying storyline tells the tale of two sisters from two different perspectives, each record focusing on one individual. The CD booklets will feature written stories as opposed to lyrics, and the music itself is intended to act as the soundtrack to each story. Pretty in-depth. We’re having a lot of fun with the artwork. Here are the covers for both records.

The Presidents

Here’s a poster we did for The Presidents’ CD release in-store performance here in Seattle.

Haven: An Exploration Of Domestic Life

Ryan and I are happy to announce our first gallery showing: Haven.

We’ll let the bio speak for itself:

Saturday, April 12th, 2008, 6-10 PM
The Wonderful Union Gallery
2221 NW 56th St. Suite 201, Seattle WA 98107
(1/2 Block West of The Ballard Library)

April 12th – May 2nd, 2008

Wonderful Union is proud to present “Haven” by Invisible Creature. Brothers Don and Ryan Clark’s artwork highlights the tension between modernism’s smiley-faced rejection of things past and their own coming of age domesticity from an autodidactic, punk ethos point of view.

Brothers Don and Ryan Clark are an eclectic duo. To spend any amount of time around their Queen Anne design firm, Invisible Creature is to know they’re serious pop culture aficionados. Their shop is filled with collectible toys, books, magazines and furniture. The unifying theme of these collections is a love for all things mid-century.

Contemporary usage of the word bourgeois as expletive aside, there’s no arguing the average amount of time Americans spend amidst domestic accoutrements. And though the aforementioned clean-lined design motif hasn’t quite delivered the optimistic world of its promises, there’s still something Zen-like about the sprawling ranch house that fills the American consciousness. The Clarks’ pieces are inspired by their love of mid century architecture and their collectible fetishisms.

The Clark bros founded Invisible Creature about a year ago after branching off from the celebrated design firm, Asterik Studio. With three “Best Recording Package” Grammy nominations under their collective belts and a client base ranging from Foo Fighters, Nordstrom and Nickelodeon, one would be hard pressed to find any designer in the know unaware of the Clarks’ towering presence. IC’s works have been published in over twenty books and they’ve been featured in HOW, Communication Arts, Print, STEP, and Computer Arts. They also play together in their “career side-project” metal band Demon Hunter. The band appeared on the cover of Revolver Magazine, hosted MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and has sold nearly 300,000 albums.

Special thanks to our bro Matt Johnson for delivering the good words.

Welcome To The Limit

Our daily training here at IC (Thanks Greg).


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA.


  • Adam Sandler + Co.

    February 9th / The Paramount

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    10 x 14 Print Set

  • NASA


  • NASA

    The Grand Tour


  • NASA

    Visions Of The Future

  • Odd Galaxy

    Space Blocks

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    Childrens Book

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    Farm League