Type, Just Type

Here are two new album covers that we’ve recently finished for Tooth & Nail bands Jonezetta and The Becoming. The direction given from both bands was “Just type,” which for us, is a nice breath of fresh air. I love the ability to simply focus on the type treatment- thanks guys.

Lemmy: The Movie

I was really excited to see the teaser trailer for Lemmy: The Movie yesterday. Documentaries are starting to pop up everywhere, and I think that’s a great thing (Oasis: Lord Don’t Slow Me Down – brilliant!). I especially appreciate the fact that this was done in time so all parties involved could watch and enjoy before the run is over. 

Oh, and if I need to explain to you who Lemmy and Motorhead are, you’re at the wrong blog.

Note: This trailer is rated PG-13 due to some language. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Via Yewknee.

Barcode Mall

This is just too cool not to post. This is a shopping Mall in St. Petersburg, Russia and was designed by Vitruvius & Sons.

Via Computerlove.

Let It Die

Our cover art for Let It Die, the latest single from the Foo’s. Available on iTunes with some extra goodies.

Re-United By Fate

I may be the last one to hear about this, but it’s great to hear that Wally and co. are back!


Kerf is a custom furniture and cabinet maker that I’ve been a fan of for years. After seeing one of their amazing kitchens in Sunset last year, it solidified my love for their style that reminds me of a contemporary modern take on those classic Eames storage units. Oh, and they happen to be right down the street too.

About: “Kerf Design is a custom furniture and cabinet shop, committed to environmental responsibility through the use of sustainable materials and methods. Our shop is based in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in building modern cabinets out of plywood and plastic laminate. We look for inspiration in the construction process, the materials that we use, and in discovering new solutions for each project that is brought to us.”

Urban Blight

Build has an excellent rant, I mean blog about the current “nostalgic faux-crapsman” town homes popping up everywhere around Seattle. This was just a topic of conversation amongst friends last week, it’s good to see we’re not alone. 

They also posted a link to a Seattle Times article regarding the same issue.

Chris Sims

Our bro Chris Sims has been busy churning out some stunning videos lately. We teamed up with Chris on the Undying video in 2006 and the dude doesn’t play around. Quality in every way.

Jethro Haynes

… is crazy.


We’re excited to be working with San Francisco’s LoveLikeFire. Dark, romantic and melancholic. We’ll be creating a few pieces for them, including this poster and their debut album.


These amazing candles from Modern Alchemy feature fragrances like gin, pipe tobacco and wood (that’s one candle- called Speak Easy) or antiquated leather bound books (pictured here- called Ex Libris). I’ll have to say I’m intrigued.. and the packaging looks pretty stellar as well. Unfortunately they’re not for sale through their site, but I did find them at Unica Home.


While we were on tour last month, we had a chance to walk around Fullerton in So Cal and hit some of the cool vintage and music shops. We stumbled upon Otto, which was by far my favorite. Full of mid-century goodness of all kinds, it was hard for me to walk out of there without emptying the bank. I did however manage to score some Gama-Go goods and a miniature LCW to match my life-size version. Score.


Incase. THE coolest gear for your Apple gadgets. Do they need help in their warehouse? I want to work there.

Balance Associates + Method Homes

The Method Cabin. Modern Prefab designed by Balance Associates here in Seattle.

“The first in a line of prefab modular cabins developed by Method Homes and Balance Associates Architects. All Method Homes models will target LEED for Homes 2.0 Gold or higher and will utilize stylish and sustainable building materials and practices”.

I’m not usually one for pre-fab homes, but this is great. Via Dwell.

The Living End “White Noise” Video

The video for The Living End’s new single “White Noise” incorporated our concept and album artwork perfectly. We usually cringe when directors ask us for files, but this was done brilliantly. Directed by Grant Marshall.

Video: “White Noise”

Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch. A great site that’s chuck full of advice for those of us on our own. Although, they do recommend that I pay off my house. Can someone tell me how to do this in Seattle? Easy, Dave Ramsey. Link via Rob.

Bleeding Through – Literally

I guess a few Bleeding Through fans decided it was a good idea to get some of our album artwork tattooed on them. You can decide for yourself here and here.

I will say if you are going to get a tattoo, especially type of any kind, you should make sure your words are spelled correctly.

Chapman Baehler

Chapman Baehler. Astounding photographer and nice guy extraordinaire.

L.A. Museum Of Natural History

Video: Insane!

Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen

One of my favorite architecture firms is OSKA, located here in town. They are a household name in the world of modern architecture, and I’ve had the pleasure of touring a few of their homes first hand. Their use of concrete and steel amazes me, as well as their gift of blurring the lines between interior and exterior living. Check out one of their homes at Chicken Point (2002) in Northern Idaho and be sure to watch the videos of that amazing 30′ x 20′ glass wall that opens. Epic.


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