Grain Edit Turns 1!

Congratulations to Grain Edit for turning 1! One of my favorite sites on the interweb is throwing a big birthday bash, offering giveaways from some pretty stinking amazing artists. Grab a slice of cake and enter to win!


Sagmeister is at it again.

Sound Wave

Jean Shin and Paul Villinski are my favorite people this week. Holy smokes …

That’s What She Said …


Herman Miller Lifework Portfolio

Loving the new Lifework Portfolio pieces from Herman Miller.

The Margarido House

Love the environment and have heaps of cash (doesn’t that go hand in hand)? Well, if you do, you can now strive for a LEED platinum rating (which is actually a really cool thing). The Margarido House is the first home in Northern California to do so, and it’s obviously breathtaking.

IC Couture

Official proof that IC gear is actually happening. Woo-hoo!

Stay tuned …


Word on the streets is that Sacramento (our hometown) legends, Far, are back in action. This puts very large smiles on our post-punk faces. Shouts to Slopez.


Loving Anna Weiss’ home AND blog!

The Fusion Myth

The October issue of Wired hits newsstands today, featuring an illustration we did for an article titled ‘The Fusion Myth’. This particular story (by Josie Glausiusz) is about the book Sun In A Bottle: The Strange History of Fusion and the Science of Wishful Thinking, which deals with the fact that fusion power is still just as likely to happen as any of the scenarios above.


London based design firm SHH designed the coolest McDonalds I’ve ever seen. And of course it’s in England.

45 Days

45 Days. A Film About Demon Hunter By Cale Glendening.

Red Cup Countdown

The leaves are slowly starting to change color here in beautiful Seattle, and I can’t help but wonder – how many more days until the infamous red cups?

Travis Lampe

Travis Lampe is one of my favorite illustrators, and it just so happens that he recently released his first toy: Accidental Mishap. His work reminds me of a cross between Heshka, Baseman and Taxali. That, my friends, can only mean greatness.

It’s Nice That – The Exhibition

As mentioned last month, It’s Nice That starts their new exhibit next Monday at Plymouth College of Art in Plymouth, England. Our 12″ vinyl packaging for Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace will be on display among many other fine works of art – all submitted by It’s Nice That guest authors. Photographs of the show coming soon.


Here is our cover for Unconsecrated, the new album from Australia’s The Red Shore.

The Sweetly Diabolic Art Of Jim Flora

Mmmmm … first cupcakes, now this: Fantagraphics just announced their new Flora book, arriving in stores next year. If anyone knows where to find a time machine, let us know.

Playful Type

Die Gestalten Verlag just released Playful Type, which may or may not have a few IC goodies within its pages.


I was recently turned on to Showtime‘s amazing series, Dexter, and my wife and I are doing our best to catch up in order to be prepared for the 3rd season, which begins September 28th. In watching the opening title sequence for the show, (which is phenomenal) I couldn’t help but assume, by the beautiful macro shots and clever insinuations, that Digital Kitchen might’ve been responsible for this. Alas, I was correct: “Entertainment” section, row 2, column 3 here. Oh, and in case you don’t know anything about this show, and just so the titles make sense, Dexter is a forensic scientist/serial killer.

Death To False Mice

Mickey Mouse must die.


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA.


  • Adam Sandler + Co.

    February 9th / The Paramount

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  • NASA


  • NASA

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  • NASA

    Visions Of The Future

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    Space Blocks

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