The Secret Machines

I cannot get enough of this record! If you live in the Northwest, see them at Neumo’s on November 6th. The live show is phenomenal.

Beasts! 2

Ryan and I were honored to be part of the epic book Beasts! … and now we’re excited to see Beasts! 2, which I am sure will knock our socks off as well. Stay in the loop here.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the cool paperback version of Beasts! coming soon.

The Weretiger (above) is by A.J. Fosik.

William Krisel

One of my all-time favorite architects, William Krisel is being honored at a new show at MODAA in Culver City. Along with Joseph Eichler, Cliff May, Richard Neutra and others, Krisel was instrumental in developing California modernism as we know it today (over 30,000 living units to his credit). One of my favorites of his was the home he designed with Dave Palmer for Bobby Darin in 1955. Love that butterfly roof.

Album Covers In The Digital World

Hardformat has some interesting thoughts on album covers in the digital world.

Looking Ahead

Here’s a glimpse at some imagery that we’re working on for the new record by Becoming The Archetype, titled “Dichotomy.” The theme of the album is loosely based on C.S. Lewis“The Hideous Strength,” wherein Lewis writes of the dichotomy between man and machine. Brutal! Oh, and the album slays. Buy it November 25th!

Good Is Dead

Chip Kidd has a new website (finally!) titled Good Is Dead, which consists of his portfolio, blog, speaking engagements and other nuggets of goodness. I’m very excited about all of this, as I believe Chip is one of the all-time greats. If you don’t own this, you need to.

Hunt & Gather

Apartment Therapy just posted an article about an antique store called Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis, MN. I’m currently searching for airfare as we speak.

Not really, but this looks like some sort of paradise.


Holy smokes! I can’t decide on whether I’d like to be Morpheus or John Lasseter at this moment. So good.

Thanks Rob.

Anatomy Of A Lego Man

Growing up, Ryan and I were Lego FANATICS. I vividly remember the massive room-sized bag of Legos that my mom found at a garage sale for $8 – and the day she brought it home. Our jaws dropped. We dabbled in Transformers, G.I. Joe and He-Man, but the Legos got the most love – for years and years. Naturally, my own kids love them (what kid doesn’t?!) and those days in the 80’s of creating airplanes and robots out of blocks are ever-present in our house 20+ some years later. I still think it might be the best toy to actually spawn creativity and imagination. All that to say – I just love Jason Freeny’s anatomy of the lego man. Brilliant.

And yes, we are going to Legoland next summer. Anyone been?

Via Likecool

Grammy MusicTech Summit 2008

Ryan and I will be speaking on November 6th (2-3PM) at this year’s Grammy MusicTech Summit. The topic: ‘Graphic Design Challenges for New Media’. Stop by to hear our thoughts on the wondrous world of the new album cover: All 55 x 55 pixels of it.

Party Like It’s 2009

Here’s our poster for Seattle Theatre Group’s ‘New Year’s Eve Extravaganza’ featuring The PUSA.

Metal Fans

Via Slopez

Ijburg House

These images of the Ijburg house by Dutch architect Marc Koehler is making my Monday morning a bit better.

Via Contemporist

Top Ten Online Shops For Vintage Furniture

Bookmark time! Apartment Therapy just posted an article featuring the ‘Top Ten’ online shops for vintage furniture and accessories. Now you know what to do this weekend.

Blue Notes

Fact #1: Reid Miles is a personal design hero of mine (as evident in my approach for Chris Cornell’s Carry On album).

Fact #2: Japanese website Vintage Vanguard just made my year. 

Via Drawn!

Mini Modern

Anna-Maria Sviatko from Canberra, Australia may have created a dollhouse or two that my daughter and I would actually have to arm wrestle over. And yes, dollhouses are METAL!

Atlas Industries

Loving these Atlas shelving units!

Via Workalicious

The Unnatural Selector

If you have $7,500 blowing a hole in your pocket (who doesn’t these days?) and you are absolutely sick of those nondescript alien life forms and various ghost-matters in your life – maybe it’s time to purchase a WETA designed raygun

Via Likecool

Sweet Dreams

Urban Outfitters is now selling Nate Williams pillows. Sleeping never looked so good.

Modernist Gas Stations

You’ll never look at gas stations the same again. Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, Arne Jacobsen … I had no idea they also contributed epic work to the world of auto fuel. I am guessing it was a tad cheaper by the gallon back then, no?

Thanks Frank.


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