‘Tis The Season…

It’s unfortunate that we are unable to blog as much as we were, but our excuse is legit: We are blessed with much work. This has been an amazing year for us – one that had its ups and downs (mostly in the music world), but we are thankful for a very happy ending to 2008 and an extremely optimistic view of 2009. We want to thank everyone on our list: our beloved clients and our faithful fans/blog readers. 2008 wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. 

Now if it would only stop snowing in Seattle!!

To Die As Kings

Just finishing up the artwork for new Solid State band, The Ascendicate. This is actually a band that I sought out and recently helped sign to the label. I’m very excited for the release of this record. The above image is the final cover (sans sticker, which displays the band name, album title).

Invisible Cookie

Many thanks to Chris Weiford for sending us this amazing IC cookie. We can’t wait to see if it tastes as good as it looks (I’m sure it does).

Grammy Nomination #4

We’re just as shocked as you are, but it looks like we’ve received our 4th Grammy nomination in a row. This time it’s for our CD package/board game for Hawk Nelson’s latest album ‘Hawk Nelson … Is My Friend’.

We’re beyond grateful for the nomination – as well as the years prior. That feeling doesn’t seem to get old. Many thanks to Hawk Nelson and Tooth & Nail Records for the opportunity. My wife and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary the very same weekend as the awards, so we’re excited to have another reason to dress up.

Oh, if anyone is keeping score out there, Don and Ryan are tied for 2 apiece. I am thinking we may have set some sort of record for brothers in general. Is there a separate award for that? No?


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