5 Things We’re Digging

1) Where The Wild Things Are trailer – If you have the internet and a heartbeat, you’ve already seen this. That being said, where is the line between obsession and excitement? I’m not sure, but I’ll take both.

2) Arts & ArchitectureMy Taschen set of the 1945-1954 reprints might be one of my most prized pieces of ‘printed matter’. I mentioned Herbert Matter a few weeks back, see some of his best work here.

3) Uncommon Goods – All kinds of cool obscure trinkets, products and gadgets …

4) Frank Chimero interview on Grain EditIt was a pleasure having Frank in the office this week … even if it was only a few hours. I hear he’s enjoying solitude at a certain island near us. We’re jealous.

5) Depeche ModeI hear they have a new record coming out …

Currently Tweeting

Everyone’s tweeting. Apparently that means we have to as well. We promise we’ll never talk about what we had for lunch. Unless it was really good.

Wired – Burning Question

Here’s our latest piece for Wired’s monthly “Burning Question” section – we are honored to become a monthly contributor to one of our favorite magazines. This little piggy (bank) wants to save money on his cable bill for the Can I Use The Recession As A Bargaining Chip story this month.

5 Things We’re Digging

Here’s my first installation of 5 things we’re digging. Enjoy! -Ryan

1) Stussy X Peter Bagge – Seattle cartoonist collaborates with Stussy, and gives us a brief history of his career in this cool little video.

2) Noriko Ambe – Incredible topographically-inspired pieces from this Japanese artist. I especially love the Cutting Book Series with ED Rushca.

3) Office Of The Tooth Fairy – Awesome letter press Tooth Fairy kit. Very cool idea.

4) Living Things – Can’t get enough of this new record. Glam for the new¬†millennium. Love it.

5) Dave Kinsey & Mike Giant – Really cool collaboration from two of my favorites.


Check out the cover we recently created for the new Falling Up album, “Fangs!” The illustration is based on the very interesting story told within the lyrics- having something to do with poison threads and foreign planets. Drawn with ink, colored in Photoshop.


Excited? Uhhhhh yeah, me too.

Thanks Shane.

Gigposters – The Book

Pre-order the upcoming ultimate rock poster book that spawned from the ultimate rock poster website: Gigposters. I think we have a few pages in there too. And a free Jay Ryan print never hurt anyone.

5 Things We’re Digging

Ryan is out of town, so I’m filling in. As promised, 5 things we’re digging:

1) Dieter Rams short documentary – I’m a little late on this, but my cousin dropped me a line a few days ago saying how cool it was. And he was right. If you’re not familiar with Dieter, you know what to do.

2) LushpadGreat idea, and a great way to boost up our economic system. Buy furniture!

3) Joe Ranft Birthday TributeI obviously didn’t know Joe, but he is greatly missed.

4) Pinocchio on Blu-RayJust picked it up last night, can’t wait to dig in.

5) PhoenixLOVE this band. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

‘Perspectives’ Pics

Here are some images from last night’s Perspectives In Poster Design event. From left to right are: Jeff Kleinsmith, Barry Ament, Coby Shultz, Art Chantry, yours truly, Ryan and Jacob McMurray (the man behind it all). We had a blast talking about inspiration, process, motif and toy collecting. The guys sitting around us played a very large part in making Seattle a destination for us (almost 9 years ago), so it was an honor to be up there. Thanks to everyone who came to hear us ramble.

(Thanks to Demetre for the photos!)


People have been telling us about the poster art for the new Bill Murray film “The Limits Of Control“. Hmmm, I think I’ve seen that idea before …

IdN Magazine Feature

The infamous IdN Magazine was kind enough to feature IC in their new ‘Craft’ issue. 6 pages + an interview about the collapse of music packaging. Pick it up!

EMP Event – Tonight!

Don’t forget the Perspectives In Poster Design event tonight at the EMP. 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Things We’re Digging

Last summer we had the idea to re-work the blog into something that would be updated daily, whether that was showcasing new work or just talking about things we were into. As time went on, we realized it was impossible to post something new each day … and to top it off – it probably wasn’t necessary.

However, Jordan came up with an idea the other day that seemed pretty cool – and workable. He recommended that we do a weekly link drop of things that are catching our fancy. Just 5 links a week that we’ve been digging. Seems pretty easy to me – so we’ll try it out.

1) The Visual Language Of Herbert MatterReally looking forward to this documentary. If you don’t know who Herbert Matter is, google him now. One of the most under-appreciated designers of the 20th century. One of my fav’s.

2) Milton Glaser in SeattleYes I’ll be there. Yes I hope I can shake his hand. What happens when you don’t read the fine print? You find out that this is a documentary featuring Milton Glaser, not the man himself. Oh well, the film was great … and I’ve clearly been working too much.

3) Golden Gems blogWhy did I just find out about this?

4) Alexander Girard goodies at House IndustriesNativity sets, puzzles, shirts & more. Mouth watering & wallet killing.

5) Julius Shulman: Modernism RediscoveredA Christmas gift from my wonderful wife. This is an amazing 3 book set featuring the stunning photography of over 400 modern gems by the master Julius Shulman. And it probably weighs 60 lbs.

OK, so there we go. We’ll try to do this regularly – Ryan and I will toggle each week. Happy internet-ing.