Spring has hit Seattle (well, a little) so we thought it’d be a good time to update you on what’s happening in IC world … and of course shamelessly plug ourselves all at the same time. We’re having a ton of fun at the shop lately, so why not share in the joy a little bit?

The Takeover interviewShort and sweet.

RBTL podcastThis was a lot of fun to do, but maybe I shouldn’t have had so much coffee before recording.

IC on TwitterSign up! Updated regularly with IC happenings and random pretentious garbage no one needs to know about. Oh, and this may soon take the place of ‘5 Things We’re Digging’. I wish it wasn’t so addictive, but it is.

Sasquatch! Festival It’s coming up hot. Thankfully, we have a new set of limited edition screen-printed posters available to help celebrate its arrival. Coming soon.

Coalesce ‘OX’ This project was a blast in many ways, but I had no clue the band would want to feature the art on so many stinking cool pieces of merchandise. Icing on the cake. Limited edition (signed) art prints, a flask (with super cool box), quality hoodies and shirts, etc. Take that, Fugazi.

Having fun with new projects from Nike, Target, Wired, Devildriver, August Burns Red, Coalesce, The Not-It’s, KEXP, Brother Ali + Rhymesayers, etc. We’ll be showcasing these new projects (and much more) on our new website and store towards the end of August. Very excited to be working with the masterminds at Gridplane & Instrument.

There is much more to talk about, but not enough time to do so. Thanks to everyone who has made the IC blog a part of their daily RSS feeds. 6,500 and counting!

Oh, and special thanks to Cale Glendening for the above photo.

Read Between The Leading

We’re excited to be interviewed next week on the Read Between The Leading podcast. Today they asked us if we’d like to accept questions from our blog and Twitter followers, so we kindly said yes and thank you. Please drop us a comment here or a reply on Twitter and (hopefully) we’ll get to as many as possible. Before you start asking questions, we’ll get the big one out of the way: Yes, but only once.

2 New Posters Up At FTC

Our Sasquatch! posters for TV On The Radio and Tim & Eric are now on sale.

5 Things We’re Digging

1) Michael Kenna – I don’t know if environmental photography can get any better.

2) Drew Millward – Really digging this guy’s work. Great illustrations and very twisted concepts.

3) IAMX “Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction” – IAMX are one of my favorite bands, and this new material is among some of their very best. If you’ve never heard the band, do yourself a favor and check them out immediately. Album out May 19th.

4) Yes Man – I missed this movie while it was in theaters, but I ordered it through OnDemand the other night and loved it. Classic comedic Jim Carrey. The DVD is available now.

5) Loretta Lux – I’ve had this photographer’s website bookmarked for some time now, and every time I visit, I’m floored by the beauty of the images. I can’t tell how much is raw photo, and how much is manipulated in post. I really have no idea how she does it.

5 Things We’re Digging

1) Doves “Kingdom Of Rust” – Less than a week from release date! I love this band, and have been awaiting this record for some time. Maybe I’ve already heard it and maybe I love it.

2) Anvil! The Story Of Anvil – This documentary looks absolutely amazing.

3) Mad Men – I LOVE this show. Last weekend, while visiting New Orleans for a friend’s wedding, my wife and I were browsing around an antique shop on Magazine Street and noticed Bryan Batt (who plays art director, Salvatore, in the show- my favorite character!) quietly shopping by himself. Ordinarily, I don’t like to pull the fanboy jive, but I had to introduce myself and express my admiration. Bryan was very nice and not at all put out. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

4) White Lies – Great tunes, great videos, great packaging, cool look. I love a band that has the whole package.

5) The Praline Connection – Also, while in New Orleans, it was suggested that we visit The Praline Connection. Great red beans and rice.

Tim & Eric On The Radio

Here are 2 posters we just wrapped up for the upcoming Sasquatch! festival. If you’ve seen Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! on Cartoon Network, you won’t be offended at this poster. If you have seen it, and are still offended, sorry about that – blame Ryan. And TV On The Radio – Well, their last record (which is epic in every way) is called Dear Science, so I got a little ‘science-y’ with it … then felt like it needed a bear for some reason. These will be available towards the end of the month.


Four guys in outdoor clothing- check. Rocks and various debris- check. 2 staggered pine trees- check. Campfire- check. One guy warming his hands, one guy roasting a marshmallow- check. White seamless backdrop- check. Congrats- you’ve successfully ripped off our Fair artwork! Your Dave Hill photo treatment needs some work though.