New Books

Here’s 4 new (ish) books that we’ve been featured in recently: 1000 Indie Posters by John Foster (out in January), The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser, Typo Lyrics by Slanted and 1000 Supreme CD Designs by PageOne (This one actually came out in ’08 but we spaced on it). Now you know what to get your favorite uncle for the holidays.

From The Alfred Paulsen Files, V. 6

Found this one just in time. Happy Halloween everybody!

I Met The President At A Doughnut Shop

So, instead of trying to explain what happened today … my good friends at Eight Hour Day have already tackled it. Let’s just say we met and shook hands (and had a quick little chit-chat about rainbow sprinkled doughnuts) with the leader of the free world today, all by chance. Because the 3 of us were so in shock and giddy like the Double Rainbow guy, we didn’t manage to capture any of us shaking hands with the dude. If anyone out there has photos or video, please contact us! What a surreal day, and a great start to the EHD tour.

Photos by Nathan Strandberg.

Crazy Love

Just wrapped up this cover for Hawk Nelson’s forthcoming record titled “Crazy Love.” Each of the band’s previous records have featured paper airplanes somewhere in the artwork, so our task was to incorporate an airplane on the cover.

From The Alfred Paulsen Files, V. 5

This has been sitting on my desk for 8+ years, so I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile. This is our Grandpa’s old business card for ‘Imaginators’, his DBA for freelance projects.  I always thought ‘Imaginators’ was a great name as a kid and have since just assumed someone else has snatched it up. Turns out that I’m right, but it doesn’t appear to be for anything substantial. I’m not 100% sure if Grandpa created the letterforms by hand or not, but I’ve always felt like it fit his style really well.

‘Slide and Vu-Graph Illustration’ – I love seeing that.

Mumford & Sons

It’s a slow day for Mumford and his offspring. Here’s our new poster for the Mumford & Sons show happening on 10/24 at The Paramount. These will be in the shop on 10/25. Oh, be sure to sign up to our mailing list to get the scoop on upcoming poster and product releases.


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