What is Heartwork?

Heartwork is a project designed to raise money for art supplies within the art room at Target House—this wonderful home-away-from-home for the families of children facing long-term treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The whole idea started simply enough. We, along with a few other creative individuals, were asked to work on various design projects for Target House. But, in the process, we were so deeply moved by the experience that we didn’t want it to end. We witnessed first hand the special connection the kids had with the art room in particular. It was a place where we saw kids at all stages of health just being kids.

So, we began to wonder, “What if we could create a ongoing way to support more and better art supplies for these children?” It was then that Heartwork was born.

The idea is simple. Every year, a group of talented artists will create a series of prints to raise money for the art room. Each of the prints will feature a different interpretation of the Target House elephant mascot, chosen because it represents family, long life, strength and playfulness—attributes with special meaning at a place designed for families to live, play and heal.

Print details:

Archival giclee – printed with pigment inks on archival cotton rag paper
Size: 11 inches x 14 inches
Signed & numbered editions of 40

Purchase the prints here.

“Elephants Love Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter” by Johnny Yanok:

“Snailaphant” by Nate Williams and “When Elephants Fly” by Anna Chambers:

“Collaboration” by Don Clark

“Love To Grow” by Scott Thares and “Balancing Act” by Christopher Lee:

“Circus” by Katie Kirk and “Better Days Ahead” by Richard Boynton:

“Waterworks” by Ryan Clark:


“Tuskers Ahoy” by Michael Bartalos:

The Scott Hamilton Arts & Crafts Room at Target House:

We’re honored to be part of this project and thankful for everyone who donated their time and talent.

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We recently had the luxury of working with Rhymesayers Entertainment once again, this time for Seattle-based artist Grieves. RS is one of the only labels still investing their time, effort and finances into elaborate physical packaging… because they care and they believe their listeners deserve it. And obviously we love any opportunity to work with cool, innovative people to create unique packaging and artwork. Check out this video of the new Grieves package for “Together/Apart,” and be sure to pick up the record June 21st.