IC Black Friday

Dril One x Leroy C.

New commission for the shop shelf: Seriously bitchin’ war-torn battle-scarred vintage Leroy C. by the talented Dril One. Epic.

Holiday Gift Cards For Target

Ahhhh, our favorite time of year is back. The two Frank’s (Sinatra & Capra), Yuletide logs, eggnogs, and Lord Of The Rings DVD extras in our pajamas. And of course, the great seasonal goodies at Target. We were lucky enough to work on two fun stocking stuffers this Holiday season. Last year, the LEGO Build A Bullseye set was such a hit, we were asked to come back for round two. And to make the kids (and us) even more ecstatic, you can create a polar bear and snowman in addition to Bullseye dog. It all folds up into a gift-able size for that special someone. Sequels are supposed to be better, right?

And the gifts keep coming … We were also asked to design and illustrate a super-fun (and addicting) interactive game featuring our favorite pooch. The big idea: Can you pat the dogs as quickly as they light up without losing your cool? Oh, and each level gets more and more insane as you continue to play. Lights, barking, action. Find them both in-store or online now.

Art direction: Brian Holt, Rob Weaver and Ted Halbur. Once again, extra special thanks to the team at Target.

Now It’s Our Turn

Well, the second annual Lil’ Happy Club was another fun success. Over 130 envelopes were sent in and we had a blast checking out each original creation. Thanks to all of you who spent the time to craft your envelope and send it off to our hood. We’re a bit busy with a few projects right now, but we promise to return the favor soon. Oh, and check out our favorites here.

Close Encounters

Kids. We love ’em. Teenagers … well, we love them too. With both in mind, we’re excited to offer 4 new stretched canvas prints and posters through Wheatpaste Art Collective. The stretched canvas prints are a whopping 24″ x 30″ and the uber-cool removable non-toxic “sticky” posters are an even more-whopping 28″ x 35″. We’ve got a few samples of both formats in the shop and we aren’t afraid to tell you the quality level is perfect-o. The colors are rich and just as vivid as you see here. You can purchase them individually or collect the whole set. Seem them a tad bigger here. Enjoy … here’s to the kids.

“Afternoon Snack”:

“The Visitor”:

“High & Dry”:

“Neighborhood Cookout”:

Mail Order Leroy C.

Tommy Perez (see last post) blogged about his ultra cool Leroy C. Lil’ Happy submission. Downloadable PDF (courtesy of Tommy) coming soon as well.


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