New Masters Of Poster Design, V.2

Extra special thanks to the talented and gracious Mr. Foster for featuring us in his beautiful new book, New Masters Of Poster Design, Volume 2. Available now!

Leroy D. Capitated

Looks like this guy got ahold of Leroy C. Alas, it was just Zac.


We’re really honored that Matt Stevens included an homage to the IC in his glorious MAX100 book. What’s even cooler is that our inspired piece sits right next to Mr. Lustig’s, one of my all-time fav’s. It must have been an omen. Bless you, Matt. Oh, and get yours here. It’s a treat for the eyes (and feet). Seriously.

Winter White Leroy C.

Well, it appears someone ate the yellow snow. Our brand new Winter White Leroy C. is now in the shop. Get ’em while he’s cold.

Computer Arts Projects

Thanks to Computer Arts for featuring us in their Character Design issue last month.

From The Alfred Paulsen Files, V. 10

We got 6 inches of snow yesterday. So naturally Seattle is shut down and I’m chugging coffee while drawing in my slippers. Decided to dust off a few more Grandpa illos in the process. These 5 span approx. 5 decades, with the last one created the same year he passed away.

… Was going through some old files tonight and found this great photo of JF I saved a few years back.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Looking for a little sun amidst those long, cold and blustery days? We suggest the new ‘Winter Getaway Blend’ packaging we created for Seattle’s Best Coffee and the fine folks at Creature. As obvious fans of all things caffeinated, this was a real treat to work on. Big thanks to Dave Taylor, Kaylin Fitzpatrick and Cara Schwartz at Creature for the fun project. Get a slightly closer look in our portfolio. Only available in SBC Cafe’s.

Design For Music

We’re honored to be featured in Design For Music by Hans Lijklema and published by The Pepin Press – showcasing a nice little smattering of various music projects throughout the years + a lengthy interview with both of us. Also includes an accompanying disc featuring ‘Collapsing‘ by some band we are affiliated with. Big thanks to Hans for asking us to be part of this.

New Target Gift Cards

Happy New Year! We have two new Gift Cards hanging out on various Bullseye end caps throughout the nation. The first one actually features candles that light up and turn off as you blow them out! Pretty cool technology and sure to cure those winter blues. Grab it here.

The second one is for that special teacher in your life. Featuring a cool embossed reflective ‘vintage lunchbox metal’ type material. Pick one up here.

Always a fun time. Art direction: Rob Weaver, Kelly Gray and Ted Halbur.

Stick ‘Em Up

Ruin your mom’s van. Assorted vinyl IC stickers finally added to the shop.

The Uproar!

Well, we’ve been hard at work for over a year on this next project (and have many more months to go), but we are excited to preview the logo and name of our first interactive children’s book The Uproar!, arriving on iPads everywhere via the Apple App store this fall. Lots of fun announcements coming in the first half of 2012, but for now – a quick synopsis:

“Journey into a world of sound and wonder in the interactive musical story The Uproar! Join a bizarre band of misfit monsters to explore a sprawling story from the mind of Invisible Creatureʼs Don Clark.”

We are honored and proud to be working with our new favorite publisher + partner: Space Dog Books. Please do yourself a favor and download Space Dog’s first chapter book Treasure Island, illustrated by the amazing Matthew Cruickshank.

It’s going to be a fun year. Much more soon …

Box Of Blox

We had a fun and crafty time creating end-of-the-year ‘Thank You’ gifts for a few of our A.D.’s at Target this year. Dad made all of the sets and our buddy Sean Ingram over at Blue Collar printed them up. Look for more Dad Clark collaborations coming soon. It’s just too much fun.


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA.


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