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Ryan & Ryan

So it’s kind of a long story, but when my buddy Vijay, who owns and operates Artist Series Guitar, mentioned that his good friend, Ryan Hurst, would be doing a photo shoot for his custom Demon Hunter and Throwdown guitars, I had to make sure I was there. For years now, people have said I look like Opie, a character that Hurst plays in the always-enthralling Sons Of Anarchy TV show. All of us in Demon Hunter have become huge fans of the show over the years, so this was a really cool opportunity. Oh, and my wife made the dope leather vest Hurst is wearing in the shoot. Checking off that bucket list, one day at a time.

Design Bureau Feature

Design Bureau Magazine asks us a few questions in their latest issue. Featuring K-Rash like a boss on the cover.

T-Mobile Family Day

Goats, phones & fries. The best part about our job is we never know what’s coming next. Here’s a fun piece we recently finished for the fine folks over at Publicis and T-Mobile. We were asked to create character and BG illustrations for this 15 second spot while the talented peeps at World Famous handled the animation/post. OK, now I’m hungry.

Credits/Publicis: Kristi Flango: Art Director, Jenn Maples: Copywriter, Marisa Schoen: Executive Interactive Producer, Todd Bois: Creative Director

Don Clark, Circa 1938

Here’s a fun photo of our grandfather, Don Clark (great name, right?) at around 10-12 years old (which should put this at around 1938-1940) with a few home-made wooden toys he had created. Dad got his supreme woodworking chops from this man. Love that Model A-esque rig in the background!

2012 Sasquatch! Festival

Is it summer yet? Not quite, but with last night’s (bitchin’) lineup announcement for the 2012 Sasquatch! Festival – we’re getting close. The festival poster and identity remains at the top of the IC “Pet Project” heap each year, thanks to our client and friend, Adam Zacks. So if you see a haphazard vegetable oil-fueled modified recliner with scrapped airplane turbines and tree stumps for wheels carrying ‘Squatch and his renegade gang of animal misfits – you’re on the right road. See it bigger in our work section.

And check out the rad animation by the folks at Wintr.


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
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