Kern and Burn

We’re honored to be part of the fantastic new book Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs curated by Tim Hoover and Jessica Karle Heltzel. Featuring Aaron Draplin, Heads Of State, Arman Vit and many others.

‘Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs’ is a beautiful two-color book that features candid conversations with 30 leading designers who have founded startups, channeled personal passions into self-made careers and taken risks to do what they love. In this book they share their failures, successes, and perspectives. Our hope is that you can learn from them — not to follow in their footsteps, but to chart your own course in parallel, one that allows you to thrive, add value to the world and love what you do.

The entire Kern and Burn project was brought to life by a successful Kickstarter campaign, but here’s where it all started. Tim and Jessica’s spirit and passion for this book is an inspiration, pick up a copy if you can!


New Masters Of Poster Design, V.2

Extra special thanks to the talented and gracious Mr. Foster for featuring us in his beautiful new book, New Masters Of Poster Design, Volume 2. Available now!


We’re really honored that Matt Stevens included an homage to the IC in his glorious MAX100 book. What’s even cooler is that our inspired piece sits right next to Mr. Lustig’s, one of my all-time fav’s. It must have been an omen. Bless you, Matt. Oh, and get yours here. It’s a treat for the eyes (and feet). Seriously.

Design For Music

We’re honored to be featured in Design For Music by Hans Lijklema and published by The Pepin Press – showcasing a nice little smattering of various music projects throughout the years + a lengthy interview with both of us. Also includes an accompanying disc featuring ‘Collapsing‘ by some band we are affiliated with. Big thanks to Hans for asking us to be part of this.

The Uproar!

Well, we’ve been hard at work for over a year on this next project (and have many more months to go), but we are excited to preview the logo and name of our first interactive children’s book The Uproar!, arriving on iPads everywhere via the Apple App store this fall. Lots of fun announcements coming in the first half of 2012, but for now – a quick synopsis:

“Journey into a world of sound and wonder in the interactive musical story The Uproar! Join a bizarre band of misfit monsters to explore a sprawling story from the mind of Invisible Creatureʼs Don Clark.”

We are honored and proud to be working with our new favorite publisher + partner: Space Dog Books. Please do yourself a favor and download Space Dog’s first chapter book Treasure Island, illustrated by the amazing Matthew Cruickshank.

It’s going to be a fun year. Much more soon …

New Books

Here’s 4 new (ish) books that we’ve been featured in recently: 1000 Indie Posters by John Foster (out in January), The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser, Typo Lyrics by Slanted and 1000 Supreme CD Designs by PageOne (This one actually came out in ’08 but we spaced on it). Now you know what to get your favorite uncle for the holidays.

Gigposters – The Book

Pre-order the upcoming ultimate rock poster book that spawned from the ultimate rock poster website: Gigposters. I think we have a few pages in there too. And a free Jay Ryan print never hurt anyone.

Beasts! 2

Ryan and I were honored to be part of the epic book Beasts! … and now we’re excited to see Beasts! 2, which I am sure will knock our socks off as well. Stay in the loop here.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the cool paperback version of Beasts! coming soon.

The Weretiger (above) is by A.J. Fosik.

Good Is Dead

Chip Kidd has a new website (finally!) titled Good Is Dead, which consists of his portfolio, blog, speaking engagements and other nuggets of goodness. I’m very excited about all of this, as I believe Chip is one of the all-time greats. If you don’t own this, you need to.

The Sweetly Diabolic Art Of Jim Flora

Mmmmm … first cupcakes, now this: Fantagraphics just announced their new Flora book, arriving in stores next year. If anyone knows where to find a time machine, let us know.

Playful Type

Die Gestalten Verlag just released Playful Type, which may or may not have a few IC goodies within its pages.

All Known Metal Bands

All Known Metal Bands by Dan Nelson is a McSweeney’s book featuring the names of over 50,000 metal bands. I saw it on the shelves at Easy Street and had to own it. It was only $17 and even features this band. Not bad at all. Oh, and you’d never guess how many bands are named Nemesis.


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
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