IC for Xbox One

We had the pleasure of working on a number of User Profile and Achievement illustrations for the brand-spankin’ new Xbox One, which happens to be out today. IC was commissioned by Xbox to create 30 gamerpics for users to choose from on the new system. Monsters, space scenes, animals, objects and more. We were also asked to create 5 achievement illustrations that would be displayed once a user accomplishes a specific challenge. 10 Hours Of TV, 25 Hours Of Movies, etc.

This project was a blast, and it’s exciting to see some of our gamerpics end up in the Xbox One: Invitation spot (see below). Big thanks to our A.D.’s Ramiro Torres and Michael Guss for the opportunity. Now I just to need to get my hands on one …

Target Lawn & Patio Seasonal

Spring has sprung! Well, maybe not quite yet … but the 2012 Lawn & Patio seasonal display at Target has. These ginormous faux birch trees were a blast to create  — and definitely worth checking out in person. As usual, this project wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing design team at Target, lead by our talented (and hilarious) A.D., Jon Erickson. Oh, and please don’t attempt to climb the trees, unless you plan on feeding the squirrels. Typefaces used: Giza and Neutraface.

Isle Of This Town & The Lonely King

Can you tell we love our new printer? Two new prints added to the shop today. Isle Of This Town & The Lonely King are available for your Aunt Nadine’s living room, right above the ’76 Magnavox.

Exclusive IC/Velocity Prints

Time Will Tell‘ and ‘Prized Possessions‘ are now (finally) available exclusively through Velocity! Each print is a whopping 17″ x 22″ (with a 1″ border for framing) and is printed on beautiful German Etching Hahnenmühle Fine Art paper. Hand signed, limited edition run of 50.

Hunt & Gather

Apartment Therapy just posted an article about an antique store called Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis, MN. I’m currently searching for airfare as we speak.

Not really, but this looks like some sort of paradise.

Ijburg House

These images of the Ijburg house by Dutch architect Marc Koehler is making my Monday morning a bit better.

Via Contemporist

Top Ten Online Shops For Vintage Furniture

Bookmark time! Apartment Therapy just posted an article featuring the ‘Top Ten’ online shops for vintage furniture and accessories. Now you know what to do this weekend.

Mini Modern

Anna-Maria Sviatko from Canberra, Australia may have created a dollhouse or two that my daughter and I would actually have to arm wrestle over. And yes, dollhouses are METAL!

Sweet Dreams

Urban Outfitters is now selling Nate Williams pillows. Sleeping never looked so good.

The Margarido House

Love the environment and have heaps of cash (doesn’t that go hand in hand)? Well, if you do, you can now strive for a LEED platinum rating (which is actually a really cool thing). The Margarido House is the first home in Northern California to do so, and it’s obviously breathtaking.


Loving Anna Weiss’ home AND blog!

Top Design

The 2nd season of Top Design starts tonight on Bravo. Todd + company are back for more interior design mayhem. I’m hoping it’s better than the current season of Project Runway, which is (without a doubt) the worst season yet. OK, OK … Suede is kinda cool, although I think Joe is going to take it.

Neutra Moves On

Richard Neutra’s Maxwell house (built in 1941 for $6,750) recently moved from Brentwood to Angelino Heights.

LA Times: “Saving the house has become a labor of love — some say obsession — of the owner, developer Barbara Behm, who does business under the name Princess Bovlana. She plans to restore the house “from top to bottom, and everything in between,” before selling it.”

See the amazing pictures here. Many thanks to Barbara for realizing this home was worth saving – can’t wait to see it finished.

Modern Garbage

If Bruce Wayne owned a garbage truck, it would look like this.


In another chapter of my “House Industries Continues To Do No Wrong” book, Andy Cruz (who is currently guest-blogging over at Dwell) just unleashed this ridiculously cool dollhouse, promoting their new typeface, Studio Swing. Just stupid awesome.

Design Actually Within Reach

DWR House Numbers are 50% off at the moment, which means you can have the coolest door in your apartment complex or dorm for only $40.

House / Eames

The House Industries collaborative effort with the Eames Office (2007) is something I just stumbled upon. Does anyone out there own one of these 10 limited solid maple / walnut pieces? Epic.


These amazing candles from Modern Alchemy feature fragrances like gin, pipe tobacco and wood (that’s one candle- called Speak Easy) or antiquated leather bound books (pictured here- called Ex Libris). I’ll have to say I’m intrigued.. and the packaging looks pretty stellar as well. Unfortunately they’re not for sale through their site, but I did find them at Unica Home.