826 Valencia

What do you get when you cross a pirate store, Office & Dave Eggers? Brilliant packaging, apparently.

Hunt & Gather

Apartment Therapy just posted an article about an antique store called Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis, MN. I’m currently searching for airfare as we speak.

Not really, but this looks like some sort of paradise.


Holy smokes! I can’t decide on whether I’d like to be Morpheus or John Lasseter at this moment. So good.

Thanks Rob.

Mini Modern

Anna-Maria Sviatko from Canberra, Australia may have created a dollhouse or two that my daughter and I would actually have to arm wrestle over. And yes, dollhouses are METAL!

The Unnatural Selector

If you have $7,500 blowing a hole in your pocket (who doesn’t these days?) and you are absolutely sick of those nondescript alien life forms and various ghost-matters in your life – maybe it’s time to purchase a WETA designed raygun

Via Likecool


I am loving Nerdbots (and their site) – and may just have to pick one up. 

“Oddly obsessed with all things robot, married couple Nicholas and Angela from Kansas City, Missouri, decided on a whim one day to do nothing other than to build one themselves.”

I’m starting to feel partial to Drip, but Beamer looks like he may need a hug

Via Yewknee


Sagmeister is at it again.

Sound Wave

Jean Shin and Paul Villinski are my favorite people this week. Holy smokes …


Word on the streets is that Sacramento (our hometown) legends, Far, are back in action. This puts very large smiles on our post-punk faces. Shouts to Slopez.

Red Cup Countdown

The leaves are slowly starting to change color here in beautiful Seattle, and I can’t help but wonder – how many more days until the infamous red cups?

The Sweetly Diabolic Art Of Jim Flora

Mmmmm … first cupcakes, now this: Fantagraphics just announced their new Flora book, arriving in stores next year. If anyone knows where to find a time machine, let us know.

Dig On This

I had the great pleasure of seeing one of my very favorite bands, Oasis, a few weeks ago on their only currently-booked US date here in Seattle and needless to say, they were amazing. Oasis’ new album will be released on October 7th, and you can pre-order this amazing special edition box now.

Modern Garbage

If Bruce Wayne owned a garbage truck, it would look like this.


In another chapter of my “House Industries Continues To Do No Wrong” book, Andy Cruz (who is currently guest-blogging over at Dwell) just unleashed this ridiculously cool dollhouse, promoting their new typeface, Studio Swing. Just stupid awesome.

The Batmobile Can Be Yours

The Batmobile from Batman Returns movie is being auctioned off at the 38th annual Kruse International Auction, which will be held on Labor Day weekend (August 28, 29, 30, 31, September 1 & 2 at the 480 acre Kruse Auction Park) in Auburn, Indiana. The car is # 3 of 5 Batmobiles actually used in the BATMAN RETURNS MOVIE. 

Keep in mind that Batmobiles have sold for as much as $550,000 in the past, which means owning one is definitely attainable.

Falling Down

God bless the boys from Manchester. Falling Down is taken from the new album Dig Out Your Soul, out 10/7. It can’t come soon enough. In my ‘top ten bands of all time’ list? Yessir.

Build Bob Staake’s Studio

Now you too can build Bob Staake’s amazing little Cape Cod studio – complete with cupola! 

See the uber-cool real thing here.


Metallica playing their new track Cyanide at Ozzfest. No explanation necessary.

Draw Like Mike

Mike Giant teamed up with Sharpie® to create his very own signature model pen. Mike has been using sharpie’s to create amazing artwork for years, so it only seems right. Kudos to the folks at Sharpie® for recognizing great talent and not being afraid to endorse a “graffiti artist”.

All Known Metal Bands

All Known Metal Bands by Dan Nelson is a McSweeney’s book featuring the names of over 50,000 metal bands. I saw it on the shelves at Easy Street and had to own it. It was only $17 and even features this band. Not bad at all. Oh, and you’d never guess how many bands are named Nemesis.


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