William Krisel

One of my all-time favorite architects, William Krisel is being honored at a new show at MODAA in Culver City. Along with Joseph Eichler, Cliff May, Richard Neutra and others, Krisel was instrumental in developing California modernism as we know it today (over 30,000 living units to his credit). One of my favorites of his was the home he designed with Dave Palmer for Bobby Darin in 1955. Love that butterfly roof.

Ijburg House

These images of the Ijburg house by Dutch architect Marc Koehler is making my Monday morning a bit better.

Via Contemporist

Top Ten Online Shops For Vintage Furniture

Bookmark time! Apartment Therapy just posted an article featuring the ‘Top Ten’ online shops for vintage furniture and accessories. Now you know what to do this weekend.

Mini Modern

Anna-Maria Sviatko from Canberra, Australia may have created a dollhouse or two that my daughter and I would actually have to arm wrestle over. And yes, dollhouses are METAL!

Atlas Industries

Loving these Atlas shelving units!

Via Workalicious

Modernist Gas Stations

You’ll never look at gas stations the same again. Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, Arne Jacobsen … I had no idea they also contributed epic work to the world of auto fuel. I am guessing it was a tad cheaper by the gallon back then, no?

Thanks Frank.

Grain Edit Turns 1!

Congratulations to Grain Edit for turning 1! One of my favorite sites on the interweb is throwing a big birthday bash, offering giveaways from some pretty stinking amazing artists. Grab a slice of cake and enter to win!

Herman Miller Lifework Portfolio

Loving the new Lifework Portfolio pieces from Herman Miller.


Loving Anna Weiss’ home AND blog!

Neutra Moves On

Richard Neutra’s Maxwell house (built in 1941 for $6,750) recently moved from Brentwood to Angelino Heights.

LA Times: “Saving the house has become a labor of love — some say obsession — of the owner, developer Barbara Behm, who does business under the name Princess Bovlana. She plans to restore the house “from top to bottom, and everything in between,” before selling it.”

See the amazing pictures here. Many thanks to Barbara for realizing this home was worth saving – can’t wait to see it finished.

Modern Garbage

If Bruce Wayne owned a garbage truck, it would look like this.


In another chapter of my “House Industries Continues To Do No Wrong” book, Andy Cruz (who is currently guest-blogging over at Dwell) just unleashed this ridiculously cool dollhouse, promoting their new typeface, Studio Swing. Just stupid awesome.

Small Paul Furniture

Got kids? I do. And I dig cool kids toys. Small Paul furniture by 10 Grain. Not expensive, but not cheap. Face it, you’d rather have this stuff all over the house instead of this.

House / Eames

The House Industries collaborative effort with the Eames Office (2007) is something I just stumbled upon. Does anyone out there own one of these 10 limited solid maple / walnut pieces? Epic.


Kerf is a custom furniture and cabinet maker that I’ve been a fan of for years. After seeing one of their amazing kitchens in Sunset last year, it solidified my love for their style that reminds me of a contemporary modern take on those classic Eames storage units. Oh, and they happen to be right down the street too.

About: “Kerf Design is a custom furniture and cabinet shop, committed to environmental responsibility through the use of sustainable materials and methods. Our shop is based in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in building modern cabinets out of plywood and plastic laminate. We look for inspiration in the construction process, the materials that we use, and in discovering new solutions for each project that is brought to us.”


While we were on tour last month, we had a chance to walk around Fullerton in So Cal and hit some of the cool vintage and music shops. We stumbled upon Otto, which was by far my favorite. Full of mid-century goodness of all kinds, it was hard for me to walk out of there without emptying the bank. I did however manage to score some Gama-Go goods and a miniature LCW to match my life-size version. Score.

Balance Associates + Method Homes

The Method Cabin. Modern Prefab designed by Balance Associates here in Seattle.

“The first in a line of prefab modular cabins developed by Method Homes and Balance Associates Architects. All Method Homes models will target LEED for Homes 2.0 Gold or higher and will utilize stylish and sustainable building materials and practices”.

I’m not usually one for pre-fab homes, but this is great. Via Dwell.

Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen

One of my favorite architecture firms is OSKA, located here in town. They are a household name in the world of modern architecture, and I’ve had the pleasure of touring a few of their homes first hand. Their use of concrete and steel amazes me, as well as their gift of blurring the lines between interior and exterior living. Check out one of their homes at Chicken Point (2002) in Northern Idaho and be sure to watch the videos of that amazing 30′ x 20′ glass wall that opens. Epic.


Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a
multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA.


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