My Plastic Heart

The folks over at My Plastic Heart asked to take a peek into our toy collection. So we broke out the camera. Part one. Part two.

Can’t Look Away

We are very pleased to be contributing to EMP’s new exhibit exploring the world of horror film and the human experience it produces. Can’t Look Away: The Lure Of Horror Film features 19 of our illustrations, some truly amazing artifacts, interactive experiences, and information galore. We got a sneak peek at the show, and it’s absolutely incredible! Do yourself a favor and check it out- open to the public October 2nd. And check out the portfolio for a more extensive look at the work!

Currently Tweeting

Everyone’s tweeting. Apparently that means we have to as well. We promise we’ll never talk about what we had for lunch. Unless it was really good.

Anatomy Of A Lego Man

Growing up, Ryan and I were Lego FANATICS. I vividly remember the massive room-sized bag of Legos that my mom found at a garage sale for $8 – and the day she brought it home. Our jaws dropped. We dabbled in Transformers, G.I. Joe and He-Man, but the Legos got the most love – for years and years. Naturally, my own kids love them (what kid doesn’t?!) and those days in the 80’s of creating airplanes and robots out of blocks are ever-present in our house 20+ some years later. I still think it might be the best toy to actually spawn creativity and imagination. All that to say – I just love Jason Freeny’s anatomy of the lego man. Brilliant.

And yes, we are going to Legoland next summer. Anyone been?

Via Likecool

TCS Now iPhone Friendly

Got an iPhone? Add a bookmark to your home page and a nice shiny IC icon will appear. You’re welcome.


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