This Is All We Know

Over the years, Number One Gun has been a source of creative exploration for us. They’ve always been great at essentially giving us free-reign, which has allowed us the room to create some work that we’re really proud of (thanks, Jeff). For this, their newest digital-only release, This Is All We Know, we created a scene made to look like a page cut from a special Twilight Zone Edition of a 1960s Life Magazine. We started with a pre-printed image and added a mysterious mirrored box, nestled into the setting.

Water & Guns

Here’s a look at the album cover we created with long-time friend Aaron Sprinkle, for his newest release, Water & Guns. The Album itself is phenomenal, and Aaron, as usual, gave us his unyielding trust to create something with no boundaries but our own imagination. Water & Guns speaks of (among many other things) Aaron’s recent move across the country, and his long journey to complete this record. Our idea was to represent two polarizing landscapes using abstract shapes. In this case, all pre-printed materials from vintage magazines. Buy this record.

Heroes For Sale

Here’s our album cover for the one, the only Andy Mineo. Heroes For Sale arrives on April 16th. To be continued…


Here’s our cover for Lecrae’s much-anticipated new album Gravity. We’ve been fans of what Reach Records has been doing for years  - so we’re pretty excited to be part of this record. And Church Clothes has been on repeat in the studio since it dropped.

Dig It

Check out the cover we just wrapped up for Sold State newcomers The Overseer.


Zakk Attakk

Check out your local newsstands now for the new issue of Revolver Magazine, featuring Zakk Wylde. We did the photo-illustration work for the cover and the feature, which meant many hours of cutting out little demon people to create the elaborate scenes. The cover image itself pays homage to recently deceased Frank Frazetta’s classic artwork.

Lamb Chops

Check out our new post over at Headbangers Blog, in which we explain the process of creating imagery for the April, 2009 issue of Revolver magazine, featuring metal heavyweights Lamb Of God. Feel the wrath!

Break On Through

Here is a cover that we did for a documentary about The Doors, titled “When You’re Strange.” Unfortunately this cover was rejected when it turned out that the band just “wanted a band photo” instead. We thought we’d show it to you anyway, as we’re rather fond of it.

Live In Nashville

Here’s the cover for Demon Hunter’s new “Live In Nashville” record. For this album cover we wanted to execute our “demon skull” logo (which graces every DH cover) in a new and unique way. If you focus on the black negative space, you’ll see it. Album available January 27th!

To Die As Kings

Just finishing up the artwork for new Solid State band, The Ascendicate. This is actually a band that I sought out and recently helped sign to the label. I’m very excited for the release of this record. The above image is the final cover (sans sticker, which displays the band name, album title).

Looking Ahead

Here’s a glimpse at some imagery that we’re working on for the new record by Becoming The Archetype, titled “Dichotomy.” The theme of the album is loosely based on C.S. Lewis“The Hideous Strength,” wherein Lewis writes of the dichotomy between man and machine. Brutal! Oh, and the album slays. Buy it November 25th!


Here is our cover for Unconsecrated, the new album from Australia’s The Red Shore.

Oh, Joy

Sleevage has posted a feature on our work for Joy Electric‘s album, “My Grandfather, The Cubist.” You can read an in-depth explanation of the process and view initial concepts for this project here.

Four Arm Tattoo

A friend just sent me this picture of a Norma Jean fan that decided to get a portion of the artwork we created for the band’s “O’ God, The Aftermath” record tattooed on their side. I’m not sure who did the tattoo, but it looks like pretty nice work. And the ribs are no joke (just recently had mine done), so kudos to this dude for withstanding such a large piece.

Jaap Vliegenthart

Stunning Adobe Photography Shop work by Jaap Vliegenthart.


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