We Built This City

We’re excited to reveal our new cover for Minorville, the upcoming album from Nashville’s finest: Derek Minor. With the help of Curtis Clark (or ‘Dad’, as we like to call him), we designed this from the ground up in approx. 2 weeks. With over 100 feet of basswood and baltic birch, Dad took our design and created an entire city in 50 hours. Each structure arrived safely in Seattle, ready to be constructed in the shape of Derek’s profile. When we were initially presented with the challenge of creating this album cover, this was the first concept we pitched – Many thanks to Derek and Reach Records for sending us off and running. Stay tuned for a full comprehensive “Making Of” film coming in the next few weeks, but for now – enjoy the teaser (Processed using VSCO film emulation):

Keatley Un-Workshop

Our friend, photographer John Keatley recently commissioned us to create a poster for his upcoming (and aptly titled) Un-Workshop. John is known for thinking outside the box with his high-concept and innovative portraits – so we thought it’d be fun to envision just what is going on inside his head on any given day. Unfortunately you’ll need to wait until Feb. 2nd and 3rd to actually find out (sign up here!), but in the meantime we can all just imagine it looks a little something like this. Limited edition, signed and numbered 5 color silk-screened posters printed on French Muscletone available at the workshop. Go!

VSCO Film Interview

Our gracious friends over at VSCO Film asked me a few questions about work and family.

Ryan & Ryan

So it’s kind of a long story, but when my buddy Vijay, who owns and operates Artist Series Guitar, mentioned that his good friend, Ryan Hurst, would be doing a photo shoot for his custom Demon Hunter and Throwdown guitars, I had to make sure I was there. For years now, people have said I look like Opie, a character that Hurst plays in the always-enthralling Sons Of Anarchy TV show. All of us in Demon Hunter have become huge fans of the show over the years, so this was a really cool opportunity. Oh, and my wife made the dope leather vest Hurst is wearing in the shoot. Checking off that bucket list, one day at a time.


Instagram Daily

Follow us on Instagram for (semi) daily shots around the shop or wherever we may be. That is, if you care about such frivolous things.

The Dreamweaver

Just wrapped up this business card design for our buddy, Gregory Henn. The inspiration was old movie posters with a modern twist. Killer 2-color foil stamping courtesy of Evolution Press.

Death, A Destination

Here is the cover for an upcoming Demon Hunter release featuring the first 3 albums in one package. The 3 disc set will be available everywhere March 8th. If you’ve had trouble finding these older releases in a store near you, here’s the chance to get them all (and cheaply). As always, the DH demon skull graces the cover, this time made from the trees of my back yard. I gathered up some fallen branches and leaves, constructed the logo on a large sheet of white paper, and Jerad Knudson shot the photo.

Happy Nightmares

We just wrapped up the artwork for our friends, The Famine, and after an interesting photo shoot of blowing black body paint on a total stranger through a straw, I’m glad to say I’m pleased with the outcome. Be afraid.


We’re excited to be part of the upcoming Phonography show in San Diego, featuring a notable cast of talented folks. Opening reception: January 17th, 7-11PM. All profits from photo sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief.


As They Sleep is a new band on Solid State Records, bringing some much needed brutality to the masses. This is the album cover that we recently completed for their upcoming release titled Dynasty. We again enlisted photographic/set design whiz Jerad Knudson to help us see the vision through, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Apparently the model is a homeless man that sells newspapers near Jerad’s house in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood.

Shop Shots

Our buddy Ethan was in town and decided to snap a few cool shots of the shop.

Star Burns Neon

Here are 3 recently finished album covers. Had a lot of fun with all of these. All great records too!


Four guys in outdoor clothing- check. Rocks and various debris- check. 2 staggered pine trees- check. Campfire- check. One guy warming his hands, one guy roasting a marshmallow- check. White seamless backdrop- check. Congrats- you’ve successfully ripped off our Fair artwork! Your Dave Hill photo treatment needs some work though.

Lamb Chops

Check out our new post over at Headbangers Blog, in which we explain the process of creating imagery for the April, 2009 issue of Revolver magazine, featuring metal heavyweights Lamb Of God. Feel the wrath!

Live In Nashville

Here’s the cover for Demon Hunter’s new “Live In Nashville” record. For this album cover we wanted to execute our “demon skull” logo (which graces every DH cover) in a new and unique way. If you focus on the black negative space, you’ll see it. Album available January 27th!

Top 10 Album Covers For 2008

There was a lot of great album artwork this year, but here are 10 that really caught my eye. Enjoy.

45 Days Artwork

We’ve been posting fairly frequent blog entries over at MTV’s Headbangers Blog, giving in-depth views into various design projects. This time, you can read about the artwork for Demon Hunter’s forthcoming 3-disc release, “45 Days.”

Anthony St. James

Anthony St. James is a NYC based photographer. We had the pleasure of working with Anthony in 1997 when he shot our previous band in Seattle. After 11 years, it’s great to see his progression and success. Epic work.

Holga Lotta Love

We just finished the artwork for the new Copeland record “You Are My Sunshine” and the above images are samples from the CD booklet. Good friend and Tooth & Nail A&R guru Jeff Carver shot the beautiful Holga photographs. The record is available in regular and special editions. The special edition includes lots of extra goodies and we had a lot of fun putting it together. Oh, and the music itself is phenomenal. Can’t… stop… listening…


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